"I was a true believer in the urban dream - in years of struggle succumbing to brilliant success, in getting a break, in making it. Like most of my friends, I was selfish by design. To want was more virtuous than to need. I wanted someone to love me but I certainly didn't need it. I didn't want to be alone, but as long as I was, I had no choice but to wear my solitude as though it were haute couture. The worst sin imaginable was not cruelty or bitchiness or even professional failure but vulnerability. To admit to loneliness was to slap the face of progress. It was to betray the times in which we lived."

Meghan Daum - On the fringes of the physical world, My Misspent Youth, 2001.

É possível que haja algo mais para além de sexo. A normalidade vai-nos controlando o pragmatismo.

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