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"Blogger Status
Friday, March 11, 2005
In the past several days, we've had a bout of stability problems with Blogger. Yesterday morning, users were encountering errors when trying to login and access their blogs.

During this time, mail-to-blogger was temporarily disabled in an attempt to resolve some of the difficulties - it is once again back on, altho' message processing may be delayed. Additionally, we are working on a patch to fix a bug that has prevented many users from leaving comments today.


As a Blogger user, I completely understand how unacceptable the performance has been in the past few days and it is the focus of the engineering team to fix these issues."

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At 9:13 da tarde, Blogger FDV disse...

nada como um comentário, um tanto ou quanto lacónico, para confirmar que já se pode comentar.


At 2:43 da manhã, Blogger Francisca disse...

Houve dias tremendos, mas as coisas parecem estar a melhorar... parecem:)

At 7:05 da tarde, Blogger O Silva disse...

Temos que exigir mais destes serviços gratuitos. Não tarda, justificando-se com estas falhas, ainda vão querer cobrar-nos mensalidades para melhorar a fiabilidade. Malandros!


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